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The Miracle of Honey!

“And your Lord revealed to the bee saying: Make hives in the mountains and in the trees and in what they build: Then eat of all the fruits and walk in the ways of your Lord submissively. There comes forth from within it a beverage of many colours, in which there is healing for men; most surely there is a ... Read More »

Traditional Islamic Diet was semi Vegetarian!

-vegetarians.Meat is not a necessity in Shari’ah.Most meals of our Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) did not have meat in them.Meat was rarely eaten in the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him).In those days you had to personally sacrifice an animal before you had meat and so meat was usually only eaten when people were invited somewhere ... Read More »

The Beliefs of the deviated shia cult regarding the Beloved Sahaabah!

1. Mullah Muhammed bin Yaqoob Kulaini, regarded as being among the most prominent Shi’ite scholars of Hadith, states: وان الشيخين فارقا الدنيا ولم يتوبا ولم يتذكرا ما صنعا بامير المؤمنين عليه السلام فعليهما لعنة الله والملائكة والناس اجمعين (فروع كافي كتاب الروضة ص115) ‘Abu Bakr and Umar did not repent before they parted from the world. In fact, they did ... Read More »

Problems and How To Overcome Them.

If a person does not know the answer to the following three questions: i) Why is there a problem? ii) Where did the problem come from? iii) How to deal with the problem? then the problem will lead to frustration. The person will then make inappropriate statements like “Why did Allah do this to me?” etc. At times during the ... Read More »

Blessed Fruit!

Allah Ta’ala has repeatedly made reference to the gift of fruit in the Holy Quran. In one verse Allah Ta’ala says: “Do you not see that Allah sends down rain from the sky, and we produce therewith fruits of various colours.” (Surah Fatir:87) Elsewhere Allah Ta’ala says: “and He sent down rain from the sky and brought forth fruit as ... Read More »

“Hello” to Halloween?

Islam is a complete way of life. Its wisdom is profound. What Islam prescribes and what it prohibits is always of tremendous benefit for humanity as a whole. Every year, on the evening of October 31st, millions of children in the Western world paint their faces, dress up in costumes, and go door to door collecting treats. The adults often ... Read More »

Smart phones, social media, and Muslim kids!

In this digital era children have developed a strong obsession with modern technological gadgets. They are literally being psyched to use every type of gadget available – computer, tablet, smartphone, – the list is endless- and we parents seem to have lost control over them. The flip side to this situation is that some of us actually encourage our children ... Read More »

Is Television destroying you?

Television has become the most common way of entertainment and amusement today. It has replaced many physical activities, like sports and reading, which were previously utilized by people to spend their leisure time. However, television is not the correct substitute for those activities, which besides entertaining also enhance skills and talents. Research performed on the impact of television undoubtedly prove ... Read More »

The Battle Of Karbala!

A Brief Summary of the Battle of Karbala and Martyrdom of Husayn (Radiyallahu Anhu) Every page of history is a place of lesson for mankind. The ruthless martyrdom of Sayyidina Husayn (RA) the leader of the youth of Jannah, his family and his companions shall never be forgotten. Every Muslim perceives the pain of this tragedy in his heart. Many ... Read More »

The Month of Muharram!

With the sighting of the new moon, the Islamic New Year 1437 is ushered in. The first month Muharram, is a month of great reward and virtue. Muharram itself means `sacred’ and is from those months which have been mentioned as sacred in the Holy Qur’an. Almighty Allah states in the Holy Qur’an: “Four of them ( Zil-Qadah, Zil-Hijjah, Muharram ... Read More »