Staff, Founders & Trustees

All of Darul Uloom staff are proficient in the English and Arabic languages and render their lectures in English and Arabic depending on the need.

The Founders

How does man attain “immortality”? His devotion to the truth makes him immortal. Moulana Cassim Mohammed Sema (r.a.) is one such man. Moulana Cassim Mohammed Sema (r.a.), a person who has dedicated his life for the upliftment of Islam, was born on 12th May 1920. He was an educationalist with a holistic Islamic approach in whatever he undertook.

In 1971, Moulana Sema (r.a.), then in his early fifties, with the able assistance of three far-sighted men amongst others, succeeded in bringing to fruition the first official Darul Uloom in South Africa. A Darul Uloom is an arabic name for an institution in which higher Islamic knowledge is imparted.

These men were Haji Moosa Vawda, Brother Ismail Patel and Brother A. H. Moola. One should remember that all this is happening at the height of the apartheid regime.

We can all imagine the hindrances and obstacles they must have endured. This in itself speaks volumes of their sincerity, single-mindedness and total reliance on the Almighty.

Our Staff

All of Darul Uloom staff are proficient in the English and Arabic languages and render their lectures in English and Arabic depending on the need. Most of the Darul Uloom staff are huffaz and some of them have postgraduate degrees from secular universities.

Our Academic Lecturers :

  1. Moulana Ismail Ebrahim Akoo Saheb – Principal
Moulana Mahmood Akram Saheb
Moulana Sulaimaan Basha Saheb
Moulana Nazeer Paruk Saheb
  5. Mufti Bilal Cassim Saheb
  6. Moulana Abdussamad Pandor Saheb
  7. Moulana Abdul Mateen Saheb
Moulana Saleem Desai Saheb
Mufti Imraan Hatia Saheb
  10. Mufti Muhammad Akoo Saheb
  11. Moulana Saleem Dabooda Saheb
  12. Moulana Nazir Dabooda Saheb
  13. Moulana Zunaid Mohamed Saheb
  14. Shaikh Umar Bakri Saheb 
  15. Mufti Aqeel Ur Rehman Qasimi Saheb
  16. Mufti Shaahid Hassan Saheb
  17. Qaari Ahmad Solomons Saheb
  18. Qari Idrissa Beard Amana Saheb
  19. Moulana Muhammed Sindhi Saheb
  20. Moulana Muhammad Kalla Saheb
  21. Mufti Zameer Naje
  22. Mufti Shabry Zafer
  23. Moulana Usaamah Akoo
  24. Moulana Yusuf Koushkash
  25. Moulana Aslam Zakwe
  26. Seikh Wa’il Merr

Our Hifz Staff:

  1. Hafiz Yusuf Vallie Kalla Saheb
  2. Moulana Absussamad Manga Saheb
  3. Qari Irfaan Randera Saheb
  4. Qari Thaahir Siddiquee Saheb
  5. Qari Abdurrahmaan Malik Saheb

Darul Uloom Trustees

  1. Moulana Ayob Mohamed Kachwee (Chairman) – Elsburg
  2. Moulana Osman Kadwa – Umzinto
  3. Moulana Abdul Hamid Ishaq – Azaadville
  4. Moulana Shabier Saloojee – Zakariyya Park
  5. Moulana Yunus Osman – Durban
  6. Moulana Ismail Ebrahim Akoo (Principal) – Newcastle
  7. Hajee Dr Mahomed Badat – Pietermaritzburg
  8. Hajee Mehmood Moola – Newcastle
  9. Hajee Omar Farouk Docrat – Newcastle
  10. Hajee Goolam Moosa –  Pietermaritzburg
  11. Hajee Yakoob Amod – Newcastle
  12. Hajee Mehmood Docrat (Treasurer) – Newcastle
  13. Hajee Dr Ebrahim Chohan – Newcastle
  14. Hajee Suleman Paruk – Newcastle

Moulana Sema Saheb (R.A) passed away on 9 June 2007.

He was 87 years old.