Our Staff

All of Darul Uloom staff are proficient in the English and Arabic languages and render their lectures in English and Arabic depending on the need. Most of the Darul Uloom staff are huffaz and some of them have postgraduate degrees from secular universities.

Our academic staff is as follows:
1.Moulana Ismail Ebrahim Akoo Saheb- Principal & Lecturer
Moulana Mahmood Akram Saheb- Lecturer
Hafiz Yusuf Vallie Kalla Saheb- Hifz Teacher
Moulana Absussamad Manga Saheb- Hifz Teacher
Moulana Sulaimaan Basha Saheb- Lecturer
Moulana Naeemullah Ali Saheb- Lecturer
Moulana Nazeer Paruk Saheb- Lecturer
8.Mufti Bilal Cassim Saheb- Lecturer
9.Moulana Abdussamad Pandor Saheb- Lecturer
10.Moulana Abdul Mateen Saheb- Lecturer
Moulana Saleem Desai Saheb- Lecturer
Mufti Imraan Hatia Saheb- Lecturer
13.Mufti Muhammad Akoo Saheb- Lecturer
14.Moulana Saleem Dabooda Saheb- Lecturer
15.Moulana Nazir Dabooda Saheb- Lecturer
16.Moulana Zunaid Mohamed Saheb- Lecturer
17.Shaikh Umar Bakri Saheb- Lecturer
18.Qari Irfaan Randera Saheb- Hifz Teacher
19.Mufti Aqeel Ur Rehman Qasimi Saheb- Lecturer
20.Qari Thaahir Siddiquee Saheb- Hifz Teacher
21.Qari Abdurrahmaan Malik Saheb- Hifz Teacher
22..Mufti Shaahid Hassan Saheb- Lecturer
23.Qaari Ahmad Solomons Saheb- Lecturer
24.Qari Idrissa Beard Amana Saheb- Lecturer
25.Moulana Muhammed Sindhi Saheb- Lecturer
26.Moulana Muhammad Kalla Saheb- Lecturer

27.Mufti Zameer Naje-Lecturer

28.Mufti Shabry Zafer-Lecturer

29..Moulana Usaamah Akoo-Lecturer

30.Moulana Yusuf Koushkash-Lecturer

31.Moulana Aslam Zakwe-Lecturer

32.Seikh Wa’il Merry-Accreditation & Lecturer






Darul Uloom Fundraisers:
Moulana Shabir Ahmed Desai Saheb (Collector)
Hafiz Goolam Muhammed Sadeck Saheb (Collector)