The Founder

Moulana Cassim Mohammed Sema (R.A)
1920 – 2007

A Brief History

As an educator with a comprehensive Islamic approach, Moulana Cassim Mohammed Sema (R.A) devoted his life to the advancement of Islam. Born on the 12th of May 1920 (Ramadhaan 1338), he commenced his secular and Islamic studies at the young age of 5. At the behest of Moulana Mia Saheb (R.A) of the Waterval Islamic Institute, he embarked on Islamic studies in India during his visit to Newcastle in 1935. Faced with the choice of becoming a medical doctor or an Aalim, Moulana Sema Saheb (R.A) opted for the latter.

Journey to India:
Departing for Durban with his father on the 23rd of September 1935, Moulana Sema Saheb (R.A) patiently awaited the ship, bidding an emotional farewell before setting sail to India. Following a strenuous journey, he reached India on the 23rd of October 1935. Completing the two-year course in just one year, he excelled in the study of Urdu and Persian languages, securing the top position. Subsequently, Moulana Sema Saheb (R.A) commenced his Arabic classes.

The Teachers:
Moulana Amrohi Saheb (R.A), the Grand Muhaddith of his time, imparted knowledge to Moulana Sema Saheb (R.A) by teaching Bukhari & Muslim Sharief when he was in his nineties. Notably, Moulana Sema Saheb (R.A) possessed one of the shortest Sanads, representing the direct link to the Prophet (S.A.W) through his teachers. This aspect is a compelling reason why individuals from distant places choose Darul Uloom Newcastle for their studies.

Hazrat Moulana Cassim Mohammed Sema Saheb (R.A) successfully graduated as an Aalim from Jam’iah Islamiyyah Dhabel in September/October 1942, achieving this milestone at the young age of 22. Additionally, Moulana Sema Saheb (R.A) pursued a course in Ifta during his academic journey.

Return home:
Moulana Sema Saheb (R.A) left on the 28th January 1944 and reached Durban Harbour on 5th February 1944.

Tutors in Moulana Sema Saheb's (R.A) Aalim Faad’il Course

– Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Binnouri Saheb (R.A)
– Hazrat Moulana Badre Aalam Saheb (R.A)
– Hazrat Moulana Nazim Nadwi Saheb (R.A)
– Hazrat Moulana Aziz Ahmed Beharie Saheb (R.A)
– Hazrat Moulana Yahya Saheb (R.A)
– Hazrat Moulana Idris Saheb (R.A)
– Hazrat Moulana Amrohi Saheb (R.A)
– Hazrat Moulana Qari Mohammed Yamin Saheb (R.A)
– Hazrat Moulana Mohammed Akhalwaya Saheb (R.A)
– Hazrat Moulana Ahmed Noor Saheb (R.A)

“Without an iota of doubt Hazrat Moulana Sema Saheb (R.A) was one of the greatest ulama that treaded the soils of South Africa, a visionary and a Mujaddid ( reformer ) of the 3rd century of Islam in South Africa.”


Moulana Cassim Mohammed Sema (R.A) was a devoted participant in various activities, ranging from his involvement with Tablighi Jamaat to accomplishing significant milestones like translating the first Zulu Qur’an and establishing the inaugural Darul Uloom in South Africa.

Tablighi Jamaat

Tablighi Jamaat is a global Islamic missionary movement founded in 1927 in India. It focuses on grassroots outreach and emphasizes the importance of personal piety and adherence to Islamic teachings.

Tablighi Ijtima

Tablighi Ijtima is a religious gathering focused on Islamic teachings and community engagement. It provides a platform for spiritual reflection, education, and fostering unity among participants.

Jamiatul Ulama

Moulana Cassim Mohammed Sema (R.A) held a significant role within the Jamiatul Ulama council, contributing to its intricate fabric. His involvement underscores his commitment to the organization's mission and objectives.


Moulana Cassim Mohammed Sema (R.A) played a crucial role in establishing numerous Madaaris, offering vital support and guidance throughout their formation.


Moulana Cassim Mohammed Sema (R.A) tirelessly shared knowledge with indigenous communities, resulting in numerous conversions to Islam and the emergence of new scholars among them.

First Darul Uloom

Moulana Cassim Mohammed Sema (R.A) pioneered the establishment of the first Darul Uloom in South Africa, catalyzing the formation of several others across the country.

Qur’an and Hadith

Moulana Cassim Mohammed Sema (R.A) played a pioneering role by introducing and establishing comprehensive courses on the Qur'an and Hadith. His visionary initiative laid the foundation for widespread Islamic education and scholarship.

Qur’an Translation

Moulana Cassim Mohammed Sema (R.A) achieved a historic milestone by undertaking the translation of the Qur'an into Zulu, marking a pivotal contribution to linguistic accessibility and promoting understanding of Islamic teachings within the Zulu-speaking community.

Biography of the Founder

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