Ifta Course

Alhumdulillah,The long awaited Ifta course in Shafee Fiqh had commenced in February 2016. For further enquiries contact the Darul Ifta department on +27 3431 71612. Course conducted by Mufti Zameer Naje ( As-Shafi’i ) from Maharastra, India. Course are conducted in Arabic and English.

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Admission Requirement for Tadreebul Fataawa

1. Minimum pass rate of 75% in Fiqh and Usool al-Fiqh. 2. Minimum overall pass rate of 75% in Dauratul Hadeeth. 3. Ability to read, speak and write Arabic. Advanced comprehension of the language is a must, as Arabic is the medium of instruction. 4. Reports from 4th year onwards together with testimonials must be produced. 5. Students will have …

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