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Sajda Sahw!

Question: Is Sajda Sahw necessary if one recites a Surah after Surah Faatiha in the 3rd or 4th Rakaat in a 3 or 4 Rakaat Fard salaah? Answer: Sajda Sahw is not necessary in stated case. And Allah knows best. Fataawa Rahimiyyah Vol 2,page 108 Read More »

Is there Qasr Salaah for Sunan and Nawaafil?

Question: Will one Have to perform Qasr for Sunan and Nawaafil salaah as well? Answer: There is no Qasr for Sunan and Nawaafil Salaahs. And Allah knows best. Fatawa Rahimiyyah Vol 2, page 148 Read More »

Life Begins @ 40!

Dua-to-be-Recited-at-the-Age-of-40(1) Read More »

Fasting Only On The 10th Of Muharram!

Question : What do Ulama of Deen and the Muftis Have to say about what the Fuqahaa say concerning fasting for only the day of Aashura( 10th of Muharram)? They say that because this resembles the practice of the jews;it is Makrooh only to fast on one day. Answer : Fasting on the day of Aashura was the practice of ... Read More »

Q & A on Muharram and Aashurah

Which is the first month of the Islamic calendar and what is it’s meaning? Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar- meaning “Forbidden”. Even before Islam, this month was always known as a sacred month which un-lawful acts were “forbidden”, prominently the shedding of blood. Which are the four sanctified months that are alluded to in the Quran ... Read More »

When Is Waleemah Sunnah?

Question: 1. Is the waleemah sunnah before or after consumation? Does consumation refer to actual intercourse, or is privacy between the two sufficient? 2. Will the sunnah of waleemah be carried out if people are fed immediately after the marriage and before the couple can seclude themselves in privacy? Answer: 1. The waleemah meal is to be fed after the ... Read More »

Delaying Ones Hajj!

Question: Will a person be sinful for delaying ones Hajj? Answer: If Hajj Is fardh(obligatory) for a person and he does not perform hajj at the first opportunity,he will be guilty of a serious sin and is liable for punishment. however, if he does perform the Hajj thereafter,he will be absolved of the sin, and will no longer remain a ... Read More »

Trimming A Woman’s Hair!

Question: Can a woman trim the ends of her hair to make them equal? Answer: There is no harm in the natural process of the hair growing in uneven lengths. It may therefore not be trimmed. It is also prohibited to cut the hair of little girls according to modern fashion. And Allah knows best! Fataawa Rahimiyya Vol 3, Page ... Read More »

Giving Interest Money As Zakaah!

Question: Someone has interest money, which he then gives to a poor person as a gift on condition that the person returns some to him as a gift. The poor person then accepts it and returns it to the original owner. Can the owner now use the money? Answer: This scheme to make the interest money halaal is not acceptable ... Read More »

Tasting Something Before Buying?

Question: Is one allowed to taste fruit at a fruiterer before buying? Answer: There are 3 scenarios in this situation: 1. If one has no intention whatsoever of buying, it is forbidden to taste,and one needs to reimburse the fruiterer. 2. One had the intention to buy,but then changed one’s mind. One needs to reimburse the fruiterer or seek his ... Read More »