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Dua for the first 10 days of Ramadaan!

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Manzil – The Remedy for Black Magic!

Magic is the effect of the lower impure souls. Hence its cure is done with appropriate ayats, Zikr and dua’s, which are opposed and against it. These completely remove its effects and influence. The more intense and powerful the zikr the more beneficial and successful the cure of magic will be. These are two opposing forces which are highly armed ... Read More »

Fasting and Ibadah on 15th Sha’ban!

Questions. (1) Is the hadith concerning the fifteen of Shabaan “totally and absolutely weak”? (2) Is it true that one of the narrators of this hadith was regarded as a fabricator and liar? (3)While it has been narrated in many authentic Ahadith that Rasulullah (S.A.W.) fasted for most of the month of Shabaan, this cannot be used to prove any ... Read More »

Cure for Depression!

Sayyiduna Anas bin Maalik (radiyallahu’anhu) reports that it was the noble practice of our beloved Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘Alaihi wasallam) after every Fardh Salah to place his right hand on his forehead (and in some narrations: on his head) and recite the following supplication: بِسْمِ اللهِ الذِيْ لا إلٰهَ إِلا هُوَ الرحْمٰنُ الرحِيم ، اللهُم أَذْهِبْ عَني الْهَم وَالحُزْن Bismillahillazhy laa ... Read More »

Should the Janaazah salaah be performed for a person who commits suicide?

Question: Is it permissible to perform the Janaazah salaah for a muslim who commits suicide? Answer: Although committing suicide is a very grave sin in Shari’ah,the Shari’ah has permitted performing the Janaazah salaah for such a person.Some prominent people abstain from participating in the Janaazah salaah of such people as a warning to others.While this is permissible, the public has ... Read More »

Method of Salaatul Janaazah!

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Sajda Sahw!

Question: Is Sajda Sahw necessary if one recites a Surah after Surah Faatiha in the 3rd or 4th Rakaat in a 3 or 4 Rakaat Fard salaah? Answer: Sajda Sahw is not necessary in stated case. And Allah knows best. Fataawa Rahimiyyah Vol 2,page 108 Read More »

Is there Qasr Salaah for Sunan and Nawaafil?

Question: Will one Have to perform Qasr for Sunan and Nawaafil salaah as well? Answer: There is no Qasr for Sunan and Nawaafil Salaahs. And Allah knows best. Fatawa Rahimiyyah Vol 2, page 148 Read More »

Life Begins @ 40!

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Fasting Only On The 10th Of Muharram!

Question : What do Ulama of Deen and the Muftis Have to say about what the Fuqahaa say concerning fasting for only the day of Aashura( 10th of Muharram)? They say that because this resembles the practice of the jews;it is Makrooh only to fast on one day. Answer : Fasting on the day of Aashura was the practice of ... Read More »