Sihr(Jadoo) and Jinn Obsession!

There are many, many people – especially women – who have the suspicion that someone has done some witchcraft on them, on their children and husbands, or that they are being troubled by some Jinn.
There is no doubt that some people may genuinely be afflicted with Sihr or Jinn, who may require some treatment. However, the opinion, assumption and diagnosis that every ailment, difficulty or problem stems from sihr and jinn has become a fixation and an obsession for so many.
The solution that many people then resort to is visiting the many Aamils who frequent our shores. Whilst there are some very sincere and pious Aamils, the majority are into it as a business and trade.
And it’s big business. Bringing in big money. And it has also become an undercover trade – where women are exploited and in some cases, sexually abused.

How many write and phone, wanting some guidance or help, or they want to verify.
One person said that an Aamil told him that he was possessed by 6 Jinn and to catch and tie them all up, will cost him R6000 a jinn. When he asked my opinion, I told him in humour: Six jinns in you would have had you dancing. But you are very calm and relaxed. Tell the Aamil that he must first catch and tie them up, thereafter show them all to you, before payment.’ – I then told him that it is nothing but a con.
It is one big fiasco, with thousands being swindled from naïve and gullible Muslims.

One brother e-mailed, saying that he moved into a new home, and an Aamil told him that his new house needs to be ‘cleaned’ – and it will cost R1000. He wanted to know what he should do.
One husband related that his wife visited some Aamil. She was put into some trance and was told to remove her clothes … and such, such happenings that leave you totally stunned.
How can husbands allow their women to just visit anyone – and be alone with a man – whom they barely know?
Trust is a lost entity.

And to think that despite all the warnings, people still go back – and they hop from one Aamil to another, to another – and what could have just been a small problem – becomes a traumatising experience. We make mountains out of molehills and then our lives are consumed with visits to Aamils, treatments, taweez79 and other amaliyat (incantations). …Sometimes the problem is not even solved.

This is what happens when we cannot appreciate the simple solutions and prescriptions of Shariah. We are told that if we suspect anything like sihr (witchcraft) or jinn, then Ayatul Kursi and the 3 Quls suffice from all harm and mischief.
But it seems we have more trust and confidence in Aamils than in Allah Ta’ala!

Moreover, most of the time, there are many lies spoken and the person is led to even believe that his mother or sister or someone close is doing some kind of witchcraft. There is mistrust and suspicion which is unwarranted and sinful. And this leads to enmity and even severance of family ties.
These weaknesses demand attention and correction because they result in many grave sins.
Allah Ta’ala has explicitly instructed:

Rasulullah (1) said, “Avoid suspicion, indeed expressing suspicions is the worst lie.”
Na-oozu Billah: We seek Allah’s protection.
Listen to the talk : “Clearing the misunderstandings about Sihr and Black magic, Taweez and Istikhara”. Download and listen from website:

Prescription for Sihr / Jinn

The following is a prescription which Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel (Rahmatullahi ‘alayh) would give to those who complained of Sihr and Jinn. Hazrat Maulana (RA) would say that this prescription will, Insha-Allah, suffice as a protection from any evil elements that may be present.
Every morning and evening read the following :
3 x Durood Shareef
3 x Ayatul Kursi
3 x 3 Surah Al-Ikhlaas, Surah Al-Falaq and Surah An-Naas
11 x La Haula wala Quwata Illah Billah
3 x Durood Shareef.
Blow over your body. Blow on water and drink.