Brilliant Judgement of Sulaiman (AS)

One day, whilst Dawood (AS) was seated in his court, two disputants came, asking him to give them a fair judgement in a matter. His son Sulaiman (AS) who was a young lad then,was also present.

The dispute was about the one’s sheep having destroyed the crops of the other.

On assessing the damage it was found that the loss was equal to the value of the flock of sheep. Thus, passing judgement, Dawood (AS) awarded the entire flock to the complainant.

Sulaiman (AS) witnessed the entire proceedings. Very respectfully he said : “Beloved Father, no doubt, you have rightfully awarded the sheep to the complainant, but i have a suggestion to make. ”

Sayyidina Dawood (AS) asked : “What is it, Son?”

Sulaiman (AS) : The flock should be temporarily handed over to the owner of the crops so that he could take benefit from its milk and wool. Meanwhile, the owner of the sheep should work the land till the crops reach the same height as when the animals had destroyed them. At this stage, the animals should be returned to their owner, and the land to its owner.

Fascinated,Dawood (AS) promptly altered his decision.