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Advices from Moulana Cassim Sema(Rahmathullah Alayh)

Over the years Moulana Sahib gave so many advices for the benefit of his students, colleagues and visitors that we cannot collect all in one place. Nevertheless, we have gathered in this Newsletter of 2007 a few and hopefully continue to do so every year henceforth.

1. At the Official Opening of Darul Uloom on 10th Rabi-ul-Akhir 1393 (13th May 1973), in his speech, Moulana Sahib said whilst mentioning the three Founders of Darul Uloom ( Hajee Moosa I. Vawda, I.M. Patel & A.H. Moola): Let the humble humility of these men be an example to every Muslim in this Republic of ours. Their code is that most wonderful of all man’s gifts – SERVE ALLAH. They achieved this fine objective through their unflinching determination, firm resolution, implicit faith in, and sincere reliance on the All-Powerful Allah. They passed through all hindrances and, ALHAMDOLILLAH, achieved their NOBLE GOAL in triumph. NB: It is an eye opener for us to take note that Moulana Sahib gives them the credit and excludes himself when mentioning the other three founders whilst it was due to his unrelenting effort that a Darul Uloom was born!!

2. At the 1st Graduation Jalsa, in Rabi-ul- Awwal 1404 (11th December 1983), in his Principal’s Report, Moulana Sahib: There is a fundamental difference between a (Secular) College and a Darul Uloom. One’s outlook is materialistic and the other is Divine. A student of a college finds himself leading the same permissive life which he lived outside the college, but a student of Darul Uloom finds himself in a completely different atmosphere. He is compelled to adhere to certain norms and is restricted from others; he is required to restrain himself and control his emotions. In other words, a student coming to Darul Uloom is required to swim against the flow of society’s current and he is not permitted to flow with the current. Therefore, moulding a child’s character, training him to lead a particular mode of life and disciplining him to such a standard of decorum and high morals are the duties of every Darul Uloom besides teaching him the various subjects and text books.

3. At the 2nd Graduation Jalsa, in December 1984, in his Principal’s Report, Moulana Sahib:
THOSE TRULY FEAR ALLAH AMONGST HIS SERVANTS ARE THOSE WHO HAVE KNOWLEDGE’ Surah 35 v:28. The Scientist, no matter to which branch of science he belongs, and irrespective of his expertise, can never be called an ‘Alim-e-Rabbani, if he is ignorant of the ULOOM of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Mohamed (salalaahu ‘alahi wasallam). If these scientists, at any occasion are refered to as ULAMA, it is only in the literal sense, and not in the terminology of the Holy Qur’an. The Ulama-e-Rabani are trained, disciplined and educated to submit themselves to the WILL and COMMAND of Allah, CALL the people towards Allah and His Rasool, and prepare them for the GREATEST SUCCESS, that is awaiting them in the Akhirah. But the scientist, who is ignorant of the ULOOM of Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (salalaahu ‘alahi wasallam), works for self-aggrandizement and for the only success which he is aware of, and that is the success of this (temporary) World.

4. At the 3rd Graduation Jalsa, in December 1985, in his Principal’s Report, Moulana Sahib: To find true Islam and the Noble Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (salalaahu ‘alahi wasallam) practiced in a society, in its pristine beauty, is a rarity. Today pure Touheed of Islam is marred with Kufr and Shirk. The Noble Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (salalaahu ‘alahi wasallam) is replaced by Bid’ah and innovations. The fundamentals of Islam have become non-essentials. The worship of Allah is substituted by saint-worship. The love of Rasoolulah (salalaahu ‘alahi wasallam) is displayed in eating and drinking and merry-making, instead of following the way of life practiced and taught by him and strictly adhere to the Sahaba, Taabi-een, the Tabe-taabi-een, the Auliya, the Great Imaams and the Ulema-e-Haq upto this day. The poor laity is deceived and misled because he lacks the true knowledge of Deen, and has been kept away deliberately from this true knowledge, by their real enemies, who appear to them in the garb of true guides. Thus our Darul Uloom is playing a vital role in this direction. The students are being equipped with true knowledge of Islam and the Noble Sunnah oh the Holy Prophet (salalaahu ‘alahi wasallam), so that those who graduate here may be able to impart the true knowledge of Islam to our growing children, …

5. At the 4th Graduation Jalsa, in December 1986, in his Principal’s Report, Moulana Sahib: Training & disciplining students coming from a particular environment and a free & loose society, to adopt to stringent rules and austere way of life needs wisdom, patience and above all love & sympathy. We don’t get ready made students. We have to make them. Ready made students are very few. Neither leniency nor harshness solves the problem or bring the desired results. The GOLDEN RULE is: Be hard where harshness is required and lenient where leniency is appropriate. Shaikh Saa’di (RA) says: Harshness and leniency are both good; like the Surgeon who does the both; while he operates he applies balm also. Again training and disciplining RIJAL-U-DEEN is like digging mountains of sand and obtaining a couple of gold or a few tiny pieces of diamonds.

6. At the 5th Graduation Jalsa, in December 1987, in his Principal’s Report, Moulana Sahib: Once Rasoolollah (salalaahu ‘alahi wasallam) prophesized: ‘Indeed the Israelites were divided into seventy-two groups and my Ummah will be divided into seventy-three. All of them will be in the Fire save ONE.’ The Sahaba asked: Which one is this O Rasoolollah? He (salalaahu ‘alahi wasallam) replied: ‘The one which is on my path and the path of my Sahaba.’ The beauty of Divine guidance is that while it diagnoses the disease it prescribes the antidote also. The ONE GROUP which will gain salvation in the Hereafter is the one which follows the path of Rasoolollah (salalaahu ‘alahi wasallam) and his Sahaba.
Dear friends, this is a Simple Formula. Apply it to your beliefs and actions. If they are according to the beliefs and actions of Nabi-e-Kareem (salalaahu ‘alahi wasallam) and Sahaba, you have no reason to doubt that you are treading on the right path; you are on the Haq; and yours is the GENUINE DEEN.

7. At the 6th Graduation Jalsa, in December 1988, in his Principal’s Report, Moulana Sahib: Satan has corrupted century old Institutions of repute and turned Masaajids into houses of idol-worship, brothels, bioscope halls and ball rooms. The very first House of Allah, built by that great patriarch, Khalilulah Hazrat Ibrahim and his son, Zabihulah Hazrat Ismail (‘Alaihima Salaam) at the command of Allah Ta’aalah, was turned into a BOTKHANA – HOUSE OF IDOLS. For centuries the idols were placed in it and worshipped; until Rasoolollah (salalaahu ‘alahi wasallam) restored the KA’BAH to its original status of BAITULLAH.
Our small growing Institution cannot be an exception. Satan’s corruptive activities are all-engulfing. False propagandas, wild rumors and false accusations must be put to a complete halt and satan’s employees and accomplices must be dealt with harshly and appropriately. We must be alert and vigil lest satan and his accomplices do irreparable harm to our Institution. We cannot afford the light of this Lamp of KNOWLEDGE to be extinguished nor the young bud of this budding Institution to be nipped off.