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Step into the heart of enlightenment at the first formal institute of Higher Islamic Studies in South Africa, affectionately known as the “mother” of all Darul Ulooms in the region. Distinguished by its groundbreaking approach, we stand as a trailblazer, offering a unique distinction as the only institution where the rich tapestry of Islamic knowledge is woven together in the English language.

Join us on a journey of discovery, where tradition meets accessibility, and the doors of wisdom swing open for all seekers, regardless of linguistic backgrounds.

Our Courses


The Hifz course typically involves a systematic and structured approach to memorizing the Quran.


I’dadiya is to bridge the gap between their current educational level and the requirements of a more advanced course.


A comprehensive Islamic program designed to produce scholars well-versed in various disciplines of Islamic knowledge.


A specialized Islamic program focused on training students to become qualified Islamic jurists, known as Muftis.

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Latest Notices & Articles

Latest Notices

Ifta Course

Alhumdulillah,The long awaited Ifta course in Shafee Fiqh had commenced in February 2016. For further enquiries contact the Darul Ifta department on +27 3431 71612. Course conducted by Mufti Zameer

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Latest Articles

Facts about Ashura

1.   On this day the sea was split into various pathways for Musa (A.S) and his people, thus granting them victory over the tyrant Firawn. Hazrat Ibn Abbas (R.A) reports that

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For many Muslims, the term sabr has become synonymous with the word “patience.” However, the beauty of the Arabic language is that many Arabic words, such as sabr, ihsan, taqwa,

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