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General Rules

1. No music allowed
2. No smoking allowed
3. No hooka pipes allowed
4. No non students allowed on the Darul Uloom campus
5. No student is allowed to leave the campus without permission
6. Rooms should be clean at all times
7. Students should knock the door an seek permission of the respective teacher before entering the class
8. Students are allowed to leave the campus after Asr,but should return to the campus before Magrib salaah
9. Students are not allowed to leave the campus on Saturday after class
10. Students are allowed to go for sports on Sundays, but should return to campus berfore Asr salaah
11. All students residing out of the campus should also be present for night studies
12. Students are not allowed to work after class Monday to Thursday. Those who want to work on Friday and Saturday must first get the permission of the disiplinary committee
13. Students should be present in the musjid before Azaan for all salaahs
14. Students are not allowed to make second jamaat in the musjid
15. All students must read thier sunnah and nafl salaah in the musjid at the place where they have read thier fard salaah
16. Students are only allowed to leave the musjid after they get permission of the housemaster or teacher
17. Students are not allowed to get absent from class for more than 5 days in a term