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Are astronomical calculations permissable for Ramadhan?

Question? Are astronomical observations and calculations acceptable for the commencement of Ramadhan etc? Answer: There is unanimity amongst the jurists of islam that it is not permissible to start Ramadhan with astronomical calculations.Nabi SAW said:”Start fasting when you sight the crescent and celebrate eid when you sight the crescent.” (Bukhari Shareef). therefore sighting of the moon is a pre-requisite for ... Read More »

What are the benefits of fasting?

Question: Explain some of the benefits of fasting? Answer: Imam Ghazali RA states,fasting overpowers shaytan,the enemy of Allah because the base of all carnal desires is the stomach.By filling the stomach,lust exhibits its actions.Shaytan by manipulating these carnal desires,targets people as his prey.When the Muslim adopts hunger by fasting,the lustful desires weaken,then the shaytaan is beaten into despondency. One should ... Read More »

Is There a Door of Jannat For Fasting Person?

Question: Please could you mention the door of Jannat that is reserved for the fasting Person? Answer: Hadhrat Sahl bin Sa’ad RA reported that Rasulullah SAW said: “There are 8 doors to Jannah,and the name of one of them is Rayyaan (satiating thirst) by which only those who observed fasts,will enter.” (Bhukhari) Hadhrat Sahl RA reported that Rasulullah SAW said ... Read More »

What are the rewards for fasting?

Question: What are the rewards for fasting? Answer: Nabi SAW said: ” My ummah has been given 5 special things that were not given to anyone before them. 1. The smell from the mouth of a fasting person is sweeter to Allah than the fragrance of musk. 2. The fish in the sea seek forgiveness on their behalf until they ... Read More »

Upon Whom is Fasting in Ramadhaan Compulsory?

Question: Upon whom is fasting in Ramadhaan Compulsory? Answer: The Ramadhaan fast is compuulsory upon every Muslim,who is sane, mature, healthy and a resident (not Traveller) Answered by: Mufti AK Hoosen,Ustaad Darul Uloom,20years. Read More »

When Did Fasting Become Compulsory?

Question: When did fasting become compulsory in Islam? Answer: Siyam (fasting) of Ramadhaan was prescribed in the 2nd year of Hijra, during the month of Shabaan. Almighty Allah states: “O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed upon you as it was ordained to those before you,so that you (learn) self-restraint.” (surah 2 verse 183) Answered by: Mufti AK Hoosen,Ustaad Darul ... Read More »

What are Virtues Of Fasting?

Question : What are the virtues of fasting? Answer : Nabi SAW said:”Every good deed of the child of Adam is incresed (in reward) from 10 to 700 times.” and Almighty Allah says:”Except fasting, for verily it is for m and I,Myself will reward it.” “The fasting person abstains from food and desire for my sake.” (Mishkaat Shareef). Nabi SAW ... Read More »

What is the Purpose Of Fasting?

Question: What is the purpose of fasting? Answer: Almighty Allah States:”O you who believe! Fasting has been prescribed upon you as it was prescribed upon those before you so that you practice self-restraint.” (surah 2 verse 183) The very essence of fasting is to inculcate the quality of taqwa and to suppress our desires.Hence,one must guard all the limbs whilst ... Read More »

What Is The Definition Of Fasting?

Question: What is the definition of fasting? Answer: Fasting is known as Saum and refers to abstention from eating,drinking and conjugal rights whilst having made the intention to fast that day.The fasting day commences at Subah Sadiq (approximately 90 minutes before sunrise) and ends at sunset. Answered by : Mufti AK Hoosen, Ustaad Darul Uloom, 20years. Read More »